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Visionary prophet amidst exile, his vivid imagery unveils divine revelations.

Prophet Elijah

Challenged kings and prophets, his fiery zeal exemplifies faith and courage.

Prophet Jeremiah

Weeping prophet of Jerusalem, his words bear witness to divine judgment and restoration.

Moses From The Bible

Led his people through the wilderness, bearing divine commandments on stone tablets.

Apostle Paul

Spreading the gospel fervently across lands, his letters echo timeless wisdom.

King David

A shepherd turned mighty ruler, his Psalms resonate with faith and triumph.


Prophesied with eloquence, his words offer hope and foresight for generations.

King Solomon

Renowned for wisdom and opulence, his reign epitomized prosperity and sagacity.


Scribe and reformer, his dedication to God's law revived the people's spirit.


Interpreter of dreams and faithful servant, his resolve in adversity inspires resilience.